Today has not been a good day. Today I am feeling sorry for myself. Today I am reminded of the perils of comfort eating but the comfort of retail therapy. 

First day of the Easter holidays. SonOne didn’t wake super-early, he made it to an appointment, he ate lunch (with struggle but lunch was eaten). I should have counted my blessings and not asked any more of him. He was meant to go to granny’s in the afternoon but a slight change of plan meant I required him to go to my friend for half an hour till granny got home to look after him. That proved too much. To me, such a tiny thing. To him, meltdown. 

It was a rookie mistake. Two years on, I’m not a rookie any more, yet it surprises me and slaps me in the face every time his inflexibility and lack of theory of mind leap out like this. 

Surely a bit of theory of mind can be learnt over a lifetime? Autism can seem a very selfish thing. 

So, I missed out on a few hours in London with husband and SonTwo. No big deal, right?