If we don’t have friends, or we fall out with them, we can pretend it doesn’t matter, that we don’t care. But I think friends are everything, whether we see them face-to-face every day, or whether distance separates us.

Good friends take up the friendship where they left off, as if the months or sometimes years of physical separation had not happened.

SonOne had a small group of friends from the start of primary school. In Year 3, three of them left the school and the town. This hit him hard. SonOne is a good and loyal friend, but he struggles to make new friends quickly. Best friend H moved abroad, and we have always tried to meet up when they come back to UK. 

Today is one of those precious days, when H is here, in our house, chatting and laughing and gaming with SonOne as if they saw each other every day.

I am sitting in the garden writing this and feeling very emotional as it strikes me how different SonOne’s departure from primary school and plunge into secondary school would be if H were by his side.

H is exactly what SonOne needs and likes in a friend: funny, kind, familiar, gentle, accepting and easy-going.

And as such, H is the best Best Friend SonOne can ever have. Even if he lives on the other side of the world.