Well, that's a first. I've received my first ever invitation to a Divorce Party. A lifetime ago there were many housewarmings, weddings, christenings, naming ceremonies and, in recent years, even a handful of funerals.

This particular friend's divorce has been amicable and civilised and I must say that my other friends who are divorced have, on the whole, survived pretty well after the initial upheaval of course. Those who met a new partner have gained step-children, new inlaws, a whole new and modern family unit. New influences, new experiences, and a new beginning.

It certainly makes me feel middle-aged to have left the marriages and christenings behind and start to be part of divorces and funerals!

Yes, there is a lot to be said for lifetime commitment to another person. It's wonderful when it works. But equally in the modern world, life feels too short to be lived in unhappiness if there are alternative options.

I'd better get my outfit sorted for the party. I'm looking forward to seeing what these two people have ahead of them in their next life stage and I wish both of them much happiness to come.