Saturday was a good day. They said it wasn’t possible. They said it could never happen. But it did.

One of SonOne’s new friends in secondary school not only wanted to meet up with him at the weekend, but wanted mum to meet me too! I was told this virtually never happens and that I just had to accept it.

I feel very proud of my son for choosing such a nice kid as a friend. After all, he has been with the same children around him for seven years in primary, apart from one or two who joined his class along the way. I am not saying he will never encounter horrible people or misjudge some but I am proud of how he is managing this maze of social interactions.

I am also incredibly excited to have made an unexpected new friend in the mum, who is warm and approachable and I feel like she will be someone I will enjoy getting to know more and more over the coming years.

Transition is going so much better than I feared it would, largely thanks to a LOT of preparation behind the scenes in handing him over from primary to secondary. When something goes badly at school we are quick to notice and set blame and complain. When something goes well, it is all too easy to wave it away and for people to say ‘see, I don’t know what you were worried about, he is fine’. But the invisible background effort is essential and ongoing and so very worth it.

Saturday really was a good day.